Clippers must win!

March 22

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LA Clippers As the Clippers ran onto the court, the crowd and everybody watching was sweating and thinking. Will this be the day the Clippers beat the Warriors? The Clippers have been defeated extremely bad for three times in a...

Can the Cavs Pull it Together to Get Another Title

March 20

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The Cavs have had both their good times and bad. They have won and lost, gained players, and losed some as well. But all around they have been pretty average for leading their division. They need to step up their game if they want to com...

UNC for the Win

March 14

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The North Carolina Tar Heels barely brush pass the Duke Blue Devils in last week's game. The final score was 90-83 with not any big defensive plays made. Star player Grayson Allen got in some more trouble. In my opinion, Grayson...

Warriors vs. Bulls

March 6

Cavaliers vs. Timberwolves

February 22

NBA Finals

Owen Stanton

June 16

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The NBA Finals commenced Thursday, June 2nd with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors facing off the second straight season. The Warriors were coming into the series fresh off a comeback from 3-1 down against the Thunde...

The States Mourns the Loss of Two Great Fighters

June 15

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  Two amazing fighters have died. Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice both passed away within 5 days of each other. Muhammad Ali had been suffering from Parkinsons disease. Muhammad Ali began as a self-proclaimed GOAT (Greatest of All ...

Olympics Postponed Because of Zika?

June 14

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Is the Zika virus going to crash the summer Olympics? The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics are planned to be held in August, in Rio de Janeiro. However, there are some health concerns regarding the mosquito-borne Zika virus. Ri...

Curt Schilling

Owen Stanton and Chloe Price

June 13

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Curt Schilling was recently fired from ESPN after posting insensitive photos on social media. He has constantly posted racist and insensitive photos to Facebook and Twitter. He also got into a fight with Brandon McCarthy over...