Tabb Middle Courtyard by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

May 29, 2019

The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is full of plants and animals. Even though we don’t get to go out there often, we admire it from our classrooms every day. It is really the heart of our school. When you first exit the Art...

The Courtyard by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

May 29, 2019

The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is in the middle of many rooms, which a lot of classrooms have the pleasure of looking through. There is only one entrance and exit, through the art room. From a classroom perspective, the courtyard...

Courtyard – Tabb Middle School

Skylar McCauley, Journalist

May 29, 2019

          The Tabb Middle School Courtyard, a place for relaxation and comfort; for some, inspiration. The courtyard is about 500ft2 and surrounded by classrooms. What awaits is nothing short of marvelous.        ...

Tabb Middle School Courtyard by Makayla Wilson

May 29, 2019

The courtyard is a home to many different species ranging from a variety of plants and animals. It is located in the middle of the school with only one entrance which is through the art room. There are windows around the courtyard...

TMS Courtyard by Taniya Love

Taniya Love

May 29, 2019

The TMS courtyard is a welcoming place to any and every person at Tabb. It is located in the middle of our school. It’s surrounded by many classrooms. It’s also a rectangular area that’s about 50ft wide by 100ft long. The...

One Dies at the End by Evelyn Lakkala

May 29, 2019

About two years ago, in 2232, three different animals were crossbreed, creating an entirely new species. The seagull, cockroach, and a raccoon. They are known as the seaocoon. A German scientist, by the name of Adolf Schwan, c...

TMS Courtyard by Evelyn Lakkala

May 16, 2019

The Tabb courtyard is an extraordinary place. You enter it by going out the Art Room’s backdoor. It’s in the middle of TMS, surrounded by classrooms and windows. It’s a rectangular shape, 50 by 100 feet. The purpose is...