A Hard Fall by Preston Short

Preston Short, contributor

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On a bright sunny day at the pool, I was going to try the newly installed slide at the Coventry pool, but what I didn’t know, is that something life-threatening was going to happen. I was 4 when I woke up I decided it was a good day to go to the pool. I asked my mom and dad if they would take me to the pool with my friend Noah. Noah has been my best friend ever since I was two. Noah had blonde hair and was about 4 ft. They said yes and took us to the pool. I put on a green bathing suit.

When we arrived at the pool, we showed the lifeguard our passes. The pool was a big pool. It was about 30 ft. long and got up to 8 ft. deep. It was a sunny day at the pool. It was about 70 degrees. We noticed that they got a new slide at the far end of the pool. There weren’t much people there. Noah wanted to go on it as soon as we got there. I was a little bit nervous at first because the slide was big, about 10ft tall, blue, and it twisted around like a pretzel. I thought that the slide would fall apart with me in it or I would miss the pool and land on the cement. We didn’t go on it first thing because we were both scared. We instead played catch at the deep end. At that pool, every hour they call adult swim where all the children must get out of the pool and let the adults have their time in the pool. Noah and I both agreed that we would go on the slide after the break. I was so nervous me knees were shaking and I was sweating, I couldn’t really tell because we were at the pool. After the break, we played catch for a little bit. We got ready to go over to the slide early because these big kids kept frustrating us by splashing us with water.

They kept saying stuff like “This is our spot in the pool,” and “Go find your own spot, nerds!”

We kept trying to stay by saying, “You guys can go over there; we were here first.”

When we finally got there, there was only 3 people in line. I was just tall enough to ride down the slide. I let Noah go first because he was the one wanting to ride. I saw him twist and turn down the slide and land gracefully in the pool. I started climbing up the ladder to go to the slide. When I made it up, I went down and thought that we should go on the slide as much as we can. It was a fantastic experience. But suddenly, when I was climbing up the ladder, I fell from the top and landed my head hard on the cement. There was red blood everywhere and I was knocked unconscious. I was taken straight to the hospital. I had to get stitches in my head.

However, that experience has not stopped me from me from going down the slide at that pool. I still go to that pool but I am too tall to go on that slide. The slide now is damaged and might be taken away or repaired. Whenever a kid goes down, the slide shakes and makes weird noises. People get stuck at the bottom and have to scoot their way into the pool. If they repair it, I think it will be safer for younger children to not end up like me.

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A Hard Fall by Preston Short