Another Way to Lose a Tooth by Ryan Melroy

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There are many ways to lose a tooth, but I think my brother invented one a couple years ago. On a night when I was about 6 years old, me and my brother were having a pillow fight. This was one of my favorite activities to do at the time besides nerf guns because we would never get hurt unless a headshot or an eye shot, but my brother accidentally did and a miracle happened, well kind of.

When I was bored with nothing to do, I decided to ask my brother to do a pillow fight and he agreed. My brother at the time was a little taller than me and used to go bare foot everywhere he’d go. I was one year younger than him having a little less strength. We decided to do it in the living room because we always do it there and there’s no other place in the house where we wouldn’t break fragile items. We also had a carpet which had interesting colors to me. It seemed like the opposite version of a rainbow with brown, white, pale, green, and other colors. We also had a couch and a chair if we ever got tired of pillow fighting, but we never did at all.

I had a loose tooth at the time and apparently, I didn’t know. I always check my teeth to see if one is loose or not and there being one that I missed that was loose. While I was pillow fighting my brother, I was hitting him being tired for the first time in a pillow fight. Then, my brother finishes me off with a smack to face with his pillow. I felt like I just got punched by Dwayne Johnson when he hit me. I was kind of frustrated that he hit me in the face when we said not to. After he hit me, He was saying he’s sorry, but my mother noticed that a tooth came out after he hit me. I didn’t not feel as angry anymore because my brother did a favor and knocked out a tooth for me.

After this happened, it’s been a story that I really haven’t told anyone about because I don’t like to talk much and I think no one has ever done pillow fighting before so I thought I’d be weird if I talked about it. My brother probably has told this story many time to other people, but I don’t know if he has. All other people in my family know this story and every time they hear about it the always laugh.

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Another Way to Lose a Tooth by Ryan Melroy