Fire in the Toaster by Adrian Legaretta

Adrian Legarreta, Contributor

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I was four or five-years old when this all happened, short haired, small, and expert counter climbing abilities. Being an energetic kindergartener, I was always curious on how thing work, thinking this way fueled my ability to create or destroy anything in the house. The worst mistake I made was when my mother was cleaning the kitchen and I offered to help but mother declined the offer and cleaned without me. Kindergartener me decided to help anyways and “washed the dishes” the only thing I did was rinse them and get myself all wet. After the whole dishes thing happened I thought since the dryer uses heat to dry clothes, maybe I can dry sponges with a toaster. Then I did and that’s when things started going downhill.

I put the wet sponges on the toaster and waited to see what would happen. Nothing did happen so I went to go watch tv for a while and I forgot about the sponges, less than five minutes in and I hear “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” and my mom screaming I look back and suddenly I see a mild red flame over a small burnt black silver toaster on the fake granite counter. Panic flooded into the room and my mother and I were petrified. I thought to myself “I’m so forget full”

“What did you do!?” mother yelled while the fire sat there burning our toaster. “I just wanted to help” I said nervously. “And you think this is how you’re going to help me?” mother screamed. “I’m sorry” I said in the guiltiest way possible.

Without hesitation, she grabbed oven mitts and put the toaster in the backyard porch. I watched in awe as I saw my mother grab a hose and spray it down. At the end of all of that I was too terrified to walk in the kitchen. My punishment was deserved and I also think I deserve it to. We had a toaster less life for about two weeks.




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Fire in the Toaster by Adrian Legaretta