First Sight by Eden Weygandt

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“Happy Birthday!”

Nana said as I got into her black car. It was my birthday and my grandma was picking me up from school early. I looked at Nana’s short blond hair and sparkly gay shirt. Her clothes were always nice. The smell of perfume filled the car as I opened the shiny twilight gray car door.

“Why are you picking me up early?” I asked Nana, looking back at the red brick building, windows sparkled a light blue and I could hear the bell and stomping feet as kids lined up to go to lunch. I looked at Nana expectantly but she just shook her head and replied,

“It’s a surprise”. I looked down at my shoes and thought of the possible surprises, maybe a new bike, or a pet, oh I would love a pet. As I day dreamed, we passed house after house until we pulled into a drive way. There were 5 cars in the drive way leading out into the street. Now trembling with a nervous excitement, I shakily hopped out of the car and walked toward my cream house and opened the door. Walking up to house and spotted my reflection in the window, my long dark hair was pulled up out of my face, my dark eyes were full of light, I was wearing a dark purple top and jeans, I had a pair of black laced sneakers on. Pulling my eyes away from the window I walked up the steps, Nana right behind me. Upon opening the door I was immediately greet by a loud

“Happy Birthday” and a big, black and white ball of fur. It tackled me and licked my face as I tried, laughing, to push it off.

“Charlie!” I exclaimed excitedly as I examined its furry face, thinking it was my uncle’s dog.

“No,” my dad said as my mom took a picture, “this is your new dog, Beckett!”.

It took me 5 minutes to get over my shock, but when I did I had a blast! I wrestled with Beckett until mom called me into the kitchen. I was greeted by another

“Happy Birthday” and a large banner hanging from the white ceiling that said

“Happy 6th Birthday!”. I looked around the room and saw a pile of presents and a large cake. Beckett let out a high-pitched RUFF and bounded into the room, his white birthday bandana fluttering behind him and sharp puppy claws clicked on the tile floor as he thundered towards the cake. He stopped short and bounded back to me. I walked toward the presents and sat down.

“Now, Beckett was your big gift” dad warned, “These are gifts for him.” I didn’t care though. I got a dog! I ripped opened the first present. It had a food and water bowl. Beckett sniffed it eagerly. As I opened present after present, the pile began shrinking until there was only one present left. Beckett now had a bed, a food and water bowl, a leash and collar, and a ball. I slowly opened a box to see another toy for Beckett. 3 squeaky balls stacked on top of one another made a snowman, it had a giraffe pattern and small fabric pieces coming off the end of it. One look and Beckett dove at it, he grabbed it by the head and shook it like it was a doll. Curling up next to me he squeaked his prize loudly. After mom had cleaned up the wrapping paper we walked over to the cake and sat down with Beckett at my feet. They sung the song one last time, with Beckett howling along with them. Then we dove in. The cake’s sweet rich flavor exploded on my tongue. Even Beckett got a treat. While he finished chewing his rawhide bone, I licked icing off my fingers. One by one, as people began to finish up they left, until only my mom, dad, siblings, Nana, and I were left. Suddenly, now that the party was over I felt a wave of exhaustion. Partially asleep, I walked down the hall to my room, Beckett followed. I curled up in bed, waiting for sleep but sleep was a long way off. Watching through half closed eyes as my mom and dad carrying my sleeping siblings to their room and Beckett, who had fallen asleep from excitement and was snoring softly. Finally, I felt sleep approaching, I began to drift off to sleep, I saw my parents come into the room,

“Thank you” I whispered. And sleep finally caught me.

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First Sight by Eden Weygandt