The Chorus Trip by Sofie Hart

Sofir Hart, Contributor

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Last year on a normal Friday in May, people who were in chorus had an opportunity to go to Kings Dominion for a reward ceremony for competition. I was included in this and when I sat down on the bus, the trip began. We first had to drive to Warhill High to be participating in the event. When we arrived, we had to stand in a line for a while we waited for the band members to finish their music. After they finished we went in and stood on the risers and performed our songs. My legs were shaking as I stood with the group as the judges’ eyes blazed over us. Our three songs were sung and it was off to Kings Dominion. The bus ride was quite bumpy and loud towards the back of the bus. I don’t normally sit in the far back because it gives me a headache so I sit up front near the bus driver.

Thirty or so minutes passed and the sign for the park came into view, making the bus fill with screams and excitement. We rode up and passed by a purple and orange roller coaster to our left, which turned out to be the “Dominator.” We parked with the other buses and the doors swung open, inviting us to get off and explore the park. As soon as everyone was off, we separated into little groups to go around and adventure. My group consisted of six or seven people, but me and my two friends, Caroline and Kayleigh, went off from the group and went our own little ways. The first ride we went on were the swings, which almost made me lose a shoe. Next, we went to was a ride called “Avalanche.” I was the only one to ride it because Caroline and Kayleigh don’t like roller coasters. It was very bumpy and not as fast as I hoped but it was still extremely fun to ride. Afterwards, we went to the “Scrambler,” a ride that is like the “Catapult” at Busch Gardens. It went too fast that Caroline’s hat ascended off her head and we had to retrieve it after the ride was over.

We decided to just explore for a while and I was happy to find that there was free wifi all over the park and decided to post a few pictures on Instagram. Having seen tall rides, I wanted to go on one and maybe get a picture from the top. However, it was raining and quite cold out so the tall rides such as the ferris wheel, were not available. Sad from this, we crossed over through an ivy-covered tunnel and past a few food stops. The following stop would be the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the park. The line was pretty long and Caroline had to use the bathroom so she ran off and left Kayleigh and me in line. Surprisingly, the line went fast and the two of us were at the elevator in no time. Since Caroline wasn’t back, Kayleigh and I went up to not hold up the line. Once we were at the top, I brought out my iPod and took a shot of the park with some roller coasters and water slides in it.

Soon, I thought to myself, I wonder what my iPod would look like if it dropped from the top of this… I didn’t want to take the risk of that happening so I suggested we go back down. So, we did and just in time, Caroline came running over, her auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail as she ran. We grouped back up and headed towards the picnic area where we were meant to meet the rest of the class at, but as we were walking through one of the stores, a white dog with a pink collar got our eyes. Our chorus teacher, Mrs. Spruill has a brown version of the dog and we wanted a friend for him. After paying for the stuffed animal, we were on our way back towards the picnic place. Since it wasn’t quite time to meet back up and there was the “Dominator” right next to it. I turned to my friends and said, “It’s not time yet so do you want to ride it with me?” My friends looked at each other and shrugged.

“You can go, I don’t really like roller coasters,” Kayleigh replied and glanced at Caroline, who nodded in agreement.

“Oh, okay,” I mumbled, somewhat disappointed that my friends didn’t want to ride together. I thought I was going to be sad during the ride but the moment I stepped into line, all the sadness went away and I was happy to be riding it. It was a tall ride, but it was fun to ride. This was the same coaster I saw when I arrived and when it reached the top, the butterflies in my stomach arrived and went crazy when it went on the drop. Screams filled the air and I caught a glance of my friends waving to me from the sidewalk below. From such a height, the two looked like miniature dolls. After the coaster was over, it was time to go to the picnic are to meet back up with the class. Inside, tables of food crowded the pavilion as water poured off the sides of the roof. My friends and I took a seat at one of the tables and watched as the rest began to join. The teacher stood up and said we could eat and everyone began to dig in. It wasn’t long before everyone was escaping to the bathroom to get underneath the hand dryers that were there. The teacher soon realized we were all colder than ice and decided to leave early. It was about three in the afternoon when we left and we arrived back at Tabb close to four thirty. Even if it was extremely cold, I never would forget that day and all the fun that was included in it. Feeling the way I did, I thought to myself, It was so cold I felt like I was part of the ice at “IcePlex.”

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The Chorus Trip by Sofie Hart