The Scariest Thing to Ever Happen to Me by Joshua Lutz

Joshua Lutz, Contributer

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One night when I was around 6 years old, I was playing with my new plastic toy tractor that I had gotten for my birthday the day before. The tractor was gold and made of plastic. I was ecstatic since my parents hadn’t let me play with it the day before. They probably did this to build excitement. Once I got out of my bed, I went straight to my nightstand on the right side of my room to grab the tractor. Once I got the tractor, I ran out my room and went left into the hallway to see how fast and far the tractor could go. The hallway was painted blue and was long and narrow. Once I started playing with it, I couldn’t stop. I played with it for hours until I slipped and fell. As I was falling, I realized that I was going to hit my face on the tractor. But by the time I stuck my arm out to catch my fall, it was too late. I hit the tractor face first and busted the front of my lip in two. There was blood everywhere and I screamed as loud as I could. As I screamed, my mother ran in my room as fast as possible and saw me crying and screaming. She saw that I had a busted lip and told my dad to get his car started. My mom gave me a band aid and then carried me to the green truck and we drove to the hospital. My mom’s black braids were gliding in the wind. My hazel eyes had tears coming out of them at a rapid rate. The pain was unbearable. I wanted this to all be over.

“Don’t worry, just ignore the pain, this will all be over soon,” said my mom.

“I’m in so much pain!” I claimed.

“Just try to relax and the pain will go away,” said my father. I tried relaxing and the pain went away for a second, then it came back. “Can I have another band aid!” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry but there aren’t any band aids in the car,” my mother said, “You’re going to have to man up.” I took those words to heart and didn’t complain for the rest of the ride to the hospital even though the pain was getting worse.

As I saw the sign that read “MedExpress”, I felt relieved that we were finally going in the hospital. We ran inside and told the lady that worked at the front of the office that we needed a doctor as soon as possible. The lady could see that my lip was busted and directed me to the closest doctor that was there. She was visibly worried and made sure to check on me every couple of seconds. Once we got to a doctor, I felt comforted. The doctor called emergency surgeons and they took me into the surgery room. The room was about as big as a classroom but it had so much equipment. It took about half of the room up, the rest was free space. There was one bed that could be maneuvered on the left side of the room. Most of the equipment was on the right side of the room. There were five surgeons in the room, one was about six feet five. He was the only one talking to me, although I couldn’t understand him because I was dizzy and could only hear mumbling. He was Hispanic and you could see his curly, black afro underneath his surgical cap. One female behind me took off my band aid. I started to scream while she did this. Then, they gave me laughing gas and I passed out. My mom was watching from another room and told me what happened to me after I woke up.

“They put ten stitches in you, TEN!” “I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t,” said my mom as she was filling out the papers that would allow us to go home. “I almost passed out.”

“That was crazy mom,” I said as I fell asleep. The sound of a CRASH had awoken me. A car had just slammed into one another. It was already 8:00 at night and we were all tired. A crash would hold us up for another hour or two. I felt really weird due to the stitches, but I knew I would have to get used to it, and my classmates would have to get used to the look of it. We ended up getting home at around 11:00 that night and all three of us collapsed in our beds. This day was literally the craziest day of my life. But I don’t regret a single thing because this turned out to make an amazing story.

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The Scariest Thing to Ever Happen to Me by Joshua Lutz