The Tire Swing by Lena Shandor

Lena Shandor

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There is a story behind why I wear braces. It all started back in kindergarten. I lived in a small town in North Carolina. My class was on a field trip. We were walking around the town. There was a lot of stuff that we did but I only remember getting ice cream and going to a park. The park was small. It had a picnic area and a slide but, the main thing I remember was the tire swing.

Everyone was so excited. We all ran to the tire swing but, only four people could swing at a time. I was not one of the four which was super frustrating. The other kids and I just stood around them. We all pushed the swing. Everyone was happy. The next thing I knew the swing came back and hit me in the face. I fell back onto the ground. A few kids stopped and looked at me but most people kept laughing and pushing the swing. I quickly ran over to the teacher with my hand covering my mouth.

When I looked down at my hand it was covered in blood. I stared at my hand in shock. The dark red blood felt so disgusting. All I could think about was how much pain I was in. Luckily, one of the chaperones was a doctor. He was a short man but he seemed tall to me at the time, and I am pretty sure he was bald. He quickly ran over to me and asked, “Are you okay?”

“No.” I replied.

“What happened?”

“When they were swinging, they hit me.”

“Ok, let me find some ice.”

He grabbed a frozen water bottle and handed it to me. I watched all the other kids having fun. Everyone was so happy and I was missing out. I was down in the dumps.

Later that night my mom took me to the doctor. I hadn’t eaten anything because my tooth hurt so bad. The first thing the doctor said was that my tooth had filled up with blood. It was blue! Every so often it would appear to be purple! Then he told my parents there was nothing he could do. I don’t know why I found that so cool. I wanted to stay home the next day but my parents forced me to go to school. My teacher asked me if I felt better but nobody else said anything. Eventually, I lost the tooth and my new tooth grew in. When it grew in it was behind the rest of my teeth. That was the moment my parents realized I would need braces.

I have now been wearing braces for two years and four months. I don’t like wearing braces and I wish I didn’t have to. It is frustrating to not be able to eat certain foods. In a way, I am also thankful because my teeth were extremely crooked. They solved that problem. However, braces would not be necessary if it wasn’t for the horrible tire swing. The only good thing that came from the accident is that now I have a good story to tell.

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The Tire Swing by Lena Shandor