A Day in the Classroom by Nolan James

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A Day in the Classroom

Usually when you think of a class you think of teacher talking, and you doing boring worksheet and notes all class. Not in this newspaper class it can be chaotic, but the teacher Ms.Hitzeman does a pretty good job at keeping it under control.

In the class the projector is always on describing the assignment. There are colorful papers with foreign languages written on them. The walls are white and has scratches on them. There is a black filing cabinet with hand sanitizers on top of it. There is a map of the school and it shows different exits. There is also a paper that has presages describing what to do in certain situations. On the top the door there is the lab number which is 402.

In the 90 minutes we have in this class we have a lot to do. Some student are typing some are researching other interviewing. Ms.Hitzeman always has papers to grade, and helping students become better writers. This newspaper class prepares you for a job were you constantly are typing and researching. Students get fussed at for talking, but one student that gets fussed at a lot is XXXX. It’s kind of funny that he still doesn’t know when to stop talking, but when he does listen and work he does a good job. We like to try and waste time in class, but Ms.Hitzeman keeps on task, and still is able to get our papers graded. We have 7th and 8th grades in this class which means we don’t always agree. This is the stuff that happens every other day in lab 402.

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A Day in the Classroom by Nolan James