Interviewing April Cherry: Rescuee

Samantha V., Contributer

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Warning: THIS IS ALL FRAUD! Thank you. (The story)

Miss Cherry was lost in a forest February 12, 2018. It has been a full month since she was stuck in the forest. At 2:30 after finishing lunch decided to go in the forest with her research team to find out some wild animal habits and how they lived in the forest. She had seen a fox cub and had followed it unknowing that when it jumped it had good reason. The hill in the forest was actually a rattlesnake nest! She had unknowingly disturbed a napping rattlesnake and they are like babies who woke up from a nap because of a poopy diaper, violent and angry. It lashed out for her lower left leg. This is what April Cherry had to face and I Samantha Vass Interviewed her about her harrowing experience. Let us begin.

I was wondering why she was in the forest so I asked when I interviewed her. “Miss Cherry, why were you there in the woods?” I enquired. She said that she studied zoology and ethology the behavior of wild animals and their habits. I thought that it was something very different. Now that I know what those are that is helpful to help understand.

Then another question crossed my mind while we talked. “Miss cherry, how you get injured?” she said something that sounded very painful. “I was bit by a rattlesnake.” Ouch, that would have hurt but that was the spark that ignited my curiosity.

“Miss Cherry, what was bitten? Can you please tell me?” She was quiet for a second but then said that it bit her lower left leg. That would be bad if she had been out there long and since that she is only 20 the poison could overtake her in 2 hours.

“Miss Cherry,” I asked, “how long were you out there for?” she had muttered the words “one and a half hours.” That had seemed very disturbing. If she had been out there longer than that by 31 minutes, she would be left for dead. ‘Wait,’ I thought, ‘was she alone? Because if she was it might have taken longer for her to be found.’ Then I asked aloud.

When asked if she was alone out there she responded with, “No, I was there with a research group to study.” Oh that explained how quickly she was found. I nodded and asked as a way to get a more in-depth how she was separated and she had followed a baby fox cub and somehow did not remember to callout to them to let them know. We all have done that before. Haven’t we?

Now that my curiosity’s fire was dying down, I decided to ask, “Miss Cherry, Why did you come to the forest?” She said that she was a student at an animal university. I thought a little more and she was beginning to look uncomfortable so I hurried up and asked her my final question.

I asked “who found you?” and she responded to that question with a simple answer, “my research squad.” She seemed happy that her squad found her.

And that was the end of my curiosity’s fire. I thanked her for her time and gave her 20 dollars for her time. Therefore, April Cherry Age 20 Zoologist and ethologist victim of a rattlesnake bite that was treated almost two hours after the bite was given to her. She is now a world-renowned vet. Thanks for listening to my article! Bye now until next time!

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Interviewing April Cherry: Rescuee