The World Through My Eyes by Natalie Z.

Natalie Zamiska, Contributor

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Every other day at Tabb Middle School, during 2nd block, 9:35 to 11:07 am. I come to Newspaper/ Mass Media. As an elective, I got to select it. I go to lab 402 and enter the door with the inspirational puppy poster. As soon as I walk in, I go straight to computer and get started right away.

The most important thing I notice while coming in is my fellow 24 students are hard at work, whether it’s reading, writing, typing, or printing. Above my computer are colorful papers in clear jacket covers. They tell all the languages that can be taught at Tabb Middle. After Mrs. Hitzeman tells us the day’s assignment, some kid’s start messing around by talking and pushing random chairs around the room.

Around 10:30 am. Mrs. Hitzeman started eating breakfast; a delectable ham and cheese sandwich with saltine crackers. She also took a sip of water out of a cup she brought from home. While eating, Mrs. Hitzeman grades and organizes papers. Beyond Mrs. Hitzeman’s computer is an electric generator.

As I turn back to my computer, the person next to me, Preston Short, tells me he hasn’t finished his Algebra homework. I tell him he should stay focused on the task at hand. Dakota wheels by in his chair, carrying a “rag doll” baby in his jacket hood. The baby has brown hair and a purple blanket. Turning away from this odd sight, I continue to write my assignment. Overall, this has been a pretty interesting Newspaper class.

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The World Through My Eyes by Natalie Z.