My Dream Home by Matthew Swanenburg

Matthew Swanenburg, Writer

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“What is your dream home?” is a question most kids are asked a lot. It’s fun for a child’s imagination to run wild as they imagine the room in there mansion that is all water, or there room built wall to wall with legos and ice. While some of those features could be cool, it isn’t realistic. Do I want a pool and a full length basketball court in my house? Duh. Would a movie theater and game room with arcade machines compliment it too? No doubt. Unfortunately, unless I win multiple lotteries and find some very skilled architects that will never happen. What I just described is my ultimate dream home. But, I am going to be a little more realistic. My dream home that I could hopefully, actually get is much simpler.

My three top locations I would want to live in as an adult are as follows: Greenwich Village, Raleigh and Annapolis. Greenwich Village is a more apartment oriented area, which probably would not make for a great long term living plan, but I think it would be worth it. Greenwich Village has great shops like Manhattan, and is just a subway ride away from Times Square. I don’t think I could ever get tired of New York City. My second dream city to live in is Raleigh, North Carolina. Whenever I have been to North Carolina for Duke games, Raleigh has always caught my eye. It’s very close to my dream school, University of North Carolina, and it is also somewhat suburban, which I think is nice. There are also many beautiful houses in the area. My final dream location is Annapolis, Maryland. Maryland is the home state of my grandparents and uncle and aunt. So, it’s basically where my whole extended family lives. I have driven through Annapolis and seen it many times and I think it’s beautiful.

The details of my home are rather simple. I want a spacious front yard, with a pebble driveway and a somewhat large garage connected to the house. My house will be made of tan wood. The first thing after walking in would be a wooden staircase. To the left would be a dining room. It have a nice wooden table with a couple of chairs, and it would not be used a whole lot. Then if you took a right and walked forward there would be the kitchen. It would have orange tiled floors and a counter from the edge of the kitchen to the corner. In the corner would be the refrigerator and across from it would be the pantry. If you took a right at the stair case you would walk into a living room. The living room would have a couple small sofas, but nothing much. Through that room would be a little nook. It would have some bean bags and little sofas. It would also have a desk in it, and a small TV. It would kind of be a chill- out room for me, or maybe one day in the future, my children. To the left of the kitchen would be a family room. The family room would be down a short flight of stairs. There world be a small bar like table between the kitchen and family, so you could look into the family room and comfortably eat dinner while watching TV.

The family room would have tan carpets and some large sofas. There would also be a large TV in it. Connected to the family room would be a small bathroom, with white tile floors. Across from it would be a little closet with stairs leading to the basement. At the far edge of the family room there would be a door leading to the garage. Down the stairs there would be a man cave. It would have a large tv, a big leather sofa and a pull out bed. There would also be an X-Box set up to the TV. In the man cave there would be a foosball table, a pop-a-show basketball arcade machine, and an air hockey machine. In the man cave there would be a collection of movies and games.

Upstairs and to the right would be my bedroom. It would have a bed in the middle, and a bathroom to the connected to the left. There would also be a TV set up in front of the bed. There would then be a small highway, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the sides of the hall way.

Hopefully one day I can get a home like I described. I don’t need a mansion to be happy…But it would sure help!

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