My Dream Home by Elizabeth Dinh

Elizabeth Dinh

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Have you ever thought of what your future home would look like? What cool things could you put in it; different colored walls, a loft, a vending machine, or even a secret room? Imagine customizing your home with what you always wanted to put in a house, but the item wasn’t invented yet or it would be too different have that item in your home.

For my future home, I would like it to look like Shrek’s home. I want my home to look like Shrek’s because I would be surrounded by nature, no neighbors so it’d be peaceful, and it’s a small little tree which is perfect because it would be cozy inside. Plus, Shrek’s home is different from everyone else’s home so my little tree home would be different from a regular house.

My front yard would have a brown tree branch that hangs on the mailbox that says, “No trespassing, beware of Shrek and lasers” an extreme playground for me and a small slide and two sets of swings, and instead of grass, I would put sand instead. Since it’s a small property, I can’t add more items in my front yard or there would be even less space.

Inside my home, all I really need is a nice recliner to sleep on at night and to take my naps, a bed would take up my whole tree house and make my home smaller. Furniture would take up my small space so I would just add an eating table, a fireplace to keep me warm, a kitchen to cook my food, and cameras to see who comes to visit my home, and heated floors.

In my back yard, there will be a small porta potty for guests to use. I will grow vegetables in my garden so I can make my daily soup, filled with carrots, potatoes, onions, beets, peppers, and cauliflowers. This will conclude my dream home for the future!


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