My Dream Home by Jackson Bates

Jackson Bates

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When asked what a person’s dream house would be most people would respond with a giant mansion with five pools or something like that. My dream house is quite different. My dream house would be located in a snowy region, a two story house with a basement, a great partying house, and have a good security system.

The location of the house would be very important. The house who need to be somewhere cold that snows often. This place shouldn’t snow too frequently. Preferably my house would be near the woods. The house should be near somewhere where I can use my snowmobile often and it shouldn’t be too far away from stores.

The design of the house wouldn’t be too drastic. It would be two stories, have a basement, and has a garage. The first floor would have the kitchen, living room, dining room, front foyer, and a bathroom. The front foyer would have a chandelier and it would lead people to the dining room, the living room, and upstairs. The kitchen would be an open kitchen that wouldn’t be cramped and it would lead out to the patio. The living room would have two couches and a 4K TV on the wall. The bathroom would just be a normal bathroom that wouldn’t be too interesting. The 2nd story would have the master bedroom, a guest room, my man cave, an office, and another bathroom. My bedroom would have a TV and would lead to the master bathroom. I would have a king sized bed and I would have a walk in closet. The guest bedroom wouldn’t be that special it would just be a normal guest room. My office would be a tiny room that I would do all my work in and it would have a large desk and a desktop computer. The man cave is where I would relax and spend all my time. This room would have one couch and two reclining chairs. It would also have a giant TV with surround sound. This room would lead out to the balcony which I could go enjoy the wintery nature outside. The basement would be the party room. I would have a TV, a foosball table, one couch, and a poker table. This room would lead out to the back yard and my garage. My backyard needs to be very big with not a lot of trees so that in the fall I don’t have to pick up that many leaves. The garage would be a two doored garage. That I would use to store my Car and my snowmobile.

The party aspect of the house is very important because I would throw a lot of parties. I would have a big Friday night party every week and if the house wasn’t party ready then it wouldn’t be my dream house. The parties need to be big and extra fun. My parties need to be so good the whole town knows about my parties.

The last aspect of my house would be my security system. The security system would be located in my office and would watch the house 24/7. Cameras would be watching all of the outside too make sure no one steals my stuff or try to break in. The security system would be especially important when I go on vacation or go on business trips. If someone does get in to my home I will either grab a gun from my gun safe or if I’m not in town start the alarm system which will first alert the police and second start playing an alarm sound really loudly.

I hope one day I’ll have my perfect dream house with everything I listed above from the location, how many floors, and my security system. Until I that day comes I’ll keep on dreaming.

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