My Dream Home by Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah W, writer

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I want my dream home to be unique. I would like it to be in a moderate neighborhood but not in a big neighborhood. I would want an eight bedrooms house and six bathrooms. Two bedrooms would be on the 1st floor. They would be considered the guest bedrooms. Then there would be a deluxe guest bedroom. It would be a bedroom where my parents could go when they visit. It would have king bed, one bathroom, a mini fridge, and a couch.

There would be four bedrooms for my kids. Each kids’ bedroom will have a twin bed and will have a 32-inch Tv. My room would have a king bed and a 75-inch tv.  Also, it would have a bathroom with a 12-inch tv, A walk in shower, and a big tub. Each bathroom in my house would have a tub, shower, toilet, and sink.

I also want a mancave, garage, Gameroom, basketball court, and a movie theatre.  The mancave will have a pool table, and a bowling alley with 4fourlanes. Also, there would be a bar table and five 32-inch TVs. The garage would be able to hold at least six cars and a little bit of valuables. The Gameroom would have Xboxes 2, 2 ps4s and some TVs and other games. The movie theatre would have four rows of seven chairs and a soda machine and two popcorn machines. Lastly, in the back of my house I would have a giant pool with a hot tub in it. This is my unique dream home. 


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