My Dream Home by Makayla Wilson

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Everyone has a different house they dream about. Growing up my dream house that I pictured was a small house on a farm. Now I prefer a big house that can fit my family and is located in the country side of Idaho. Where the land and agriculture is rich.

The outside of my house is going to be greyish whitish brick with a pale white door. It is going to have an amazing view of a lake, and will have a path to a dock. Every room is going to be different, and there will be two large living rooms. A beautiful fire place for the winter will be placed in the middle of the main living room, and big windows to see the outside view to the side. The living room is also going to have a huge white rug with large brown couches, and a large flat screen television.

My bedroom with have a king size bed with a sliding glass door that leads out to the deck. The furniture’s color will be a light rustic brown. Some of the other rooms with be guest rooms that will be occupied by either my friends or family that visits. One room upstairs will be a hangout room. The laundry room will be down stairs, the door to it will be a light grey barn door with the lines painted white, and shelves for all the supplies.

Many people have different view on what their dream house is. Some are small while others are big. People could also just want to live in an apartment. Everyone has different opinions to what they like and are interested in.

Outside will be luscious green with rick pathways to the lake (dock). Also outside will be a trailer for camping trip, three car garage, and a storage shed for all the exterior tools.


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