My Dream Home by Skylar McCauley

Skylar McCauley, Journalist

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When people are asked what their dream home would be, they tend to describe what homes will be in the future. Usually these visions are somewhat unrealistic with a flying car in their driveway or walls that turn into displays. My dream home, however, is something that can be achieved today.

My dream home would have a roof lined with solar panels, provided I’m living in a region that gets a lot of sunlight. Tesla’s Solar Roof is a seamless way to integrate solar cells into my roof design. To keep costs down on AC and Heating, I would also add in Insulated Windows which would keep the temperature near windows regulated. The floors would have radiant heating installed under them. Each room would has individually controlled floor heating. The radiant heating for carpeted floors would be capped at 80˚F to prevent the carpet from. With the house being two-story, the second floor would need insulation installed to improve efficiency for that area. The outlets throughout the house would be equipped with Amazon’s Smart Plugs; instead of traditional blinds, I would install Amazon Smart Blinds on my windows. Throughout the home, you will also find Philips Hue lights, dimmer switches, and other Hue smart accessories. The traditional thermostat would be no more here, instead a Nest Thermostat would be installed in its place. All of the smart accessories wouldn’t be possible without the aid of panoramic routers being place at specific locations throughout the house. Along with multiple Google Home and Google Home Hub devices in every room. But with all of these expensive smart devices throughout my home, security is also a priority. Nest security cameras would be installed along the perimeter of the house. Two indoor cameras would be installed as well; one facing the front door; the other facing the back door.

As everyone home should have, the furniture in the home would be somewhat minimalist. The living area would have a couch and a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall. In between the couch would be a small, glass coffee table. The kitchen would have three stools at the small island as well. The flooring throughout the house would go as follows. The living area, stairs, bedrooms, and hallways would all have carpeting. The kitchen area and bathrooms would have tiled floors.

Overall, the house would have a welcoming feel to it. It would also be greatly dependent on technology. For this reason, the previously mentioned Tesla Solar Roof would be connected to a Tesla Powerwall. This battery would then provide power for the home for, according to Tesla, would provide sufficient power for up to a week in a power outage. These are only a few out of many, many additions I would make to my dream home. Maybe someday I will be able to build it someday.

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