My Dream Home of the Future by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

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I always think about what my house will look like when I grow up. My home is very important to me it has to be comfortable but modern at the same time. I would like to think that I would end up in the suburbans with half an acre of land with a two-story house. The grass will be very precisely cut, the plot will be covered with many trees, and maybe a flower garden. My mailbox will be specially made from dark wood and my family name will be painted in white cursive letters. When you look at the outside structure of my house the material will more than likely be white or a light shade of gray. The roof will contain many mini roofs so it’s not one shape and will have black shingles. My house will have many windows accompanied with white side shutters. The front door will be white with a decorated piece of glass in the center. My whole plot will be surrounded by white fencing.

When you first enter the house it will be a very open floor plan with the living room, kitchen, and dining room all together. The whole house will be covered in dark hardwood flooring and plain white walls. The first room you will see is the living room with many gray, white, and black pieces. The main piece of furniture will be my gray couch with a gray recliner to match. The 50-inch TV will be hung above the fireplace and will be decorated with built-in shelving. There will be a huge round white rug and many house plants to fill the space. The dining room will be to the left of the living room with a white wooden table and four white chairs. Underneath the table will be a huge light gray rug. On the walls will be paintings of my favorite band, Queen. Moving on to the kitchen, there will be gray marble counters with white cabinets underneath. I will have all stainless steel appliances like the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, etc. I will have double sink with build in soap pumps. There will be an island with the same gray marble counters and will be completed with white tall chairs. Other rooms that will be downstairs include the mud room, laundry room, and a bathroom. The mud room will have built in dark wood shelving with hooks for coats, shoes, and other miscellaneous items. The laundry room will have a stainless steel washer and dryer and will be filled with clothes because I hate laundry. The downstairs bathroom will have gray marble counters and a white sink. The shower will be glass with dark gray tile.

When going up the stairs you will notice that they are made from dark hardwood with white railing. There will be pictures hanging along the wall of the stairs. The first two bedroom of four will be empty because I’m saving them. Other than those two rooms there will be two bathrooms, an office, master bedroom, master bathroom, and guest room. The two bathroom will look exactly like the downstairs bathroom but just more products filling the cabinets. The office will be used for any further schooling I may take. It will be decorated with a white desk, a gray rug, and multiple kinds of office supplies. The master/my bedroom plus bathroom will be very neutral. My bed will be an adjustable bed with gray sheets and a white comforter. The headboard on my bed will be made out of wood and fairy lights will be hung on it. There will be a TV hung above my fireplace. There will be a sitting area in the front of TV and will be tied together with a white fuzzy rug. The bathroom will be like the others but with an added bathtub and double sinks.

When you go to the backyard there will be a huge patio. On the patio there is a huge seating area and a barbecue. The backyard will be covered in trees and might have some outdoor toys for events at my house where there are children. After finished with my house I’m going to throw a huge house warming party for my family to see!

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