My Dream House by Jamal Thomas

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My dream house would be based around my everyday needs. In order to live. 

I would want to have at least four bathrooms to use.   One of the four bath rooms would be near the front entrance where the guest would use. The other bathroom would be close to the movie room that is downstairs. The other bathrooms would be upstairs, one would be in my room. The other would be in my children’s room. Each bathroom would be the same size expect the bathrooms upstairs the biggest bathroom would be mine. It would include one bath, one shower, a tv, toilet and a mini fridge with very small snacks. 

The most important thing of any house is the rooms and sizes of each room. The biggest room would be the movie room (man cave) which is located downstairs on the first level with two rows of eight seats. two popcorn makers, and a soda machine where it could customize any soda flavor into what you desire. The tv would be at least 20 feet hung on the wall and could stream the newest movies known to date. It could also be able to watch 3D movies. 

The next room would be the two guest rooms they both look the same. They would have one king sized bed, one 30-inch TV. After that room would be my children’s room one out of the three rooms would be my oldest sons’ room it would have two queen sized beds for each twin a mini snack bar two TVs. 

Then you have the master bed room with two kings sized beds next to each other. With two TVs one in front of the bed and one in the corner for video games in my room. Then in the bathroom there are three baths. One is a hot tub with snacks on the sides, the other is a shower with two shower heads and the third one is just a plain bathtub. 

Then we have the four-car garage which is under the house. 

This was my future house ideal design.  

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