My Dream House by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

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For my dream house, I don’t want something too big or fancy. I would be happy with a medium sized home in a nice neighborhood. I wouldn’t want a huge house, because it would be pretty expensive to pay for. I’d still like to live in Virginia, near where I am currently. So here are my ideas of what I want my house to be like.

I want my house to have a garage connected to the house. I would also like a driveway to park other cars, with a yard to accompany it. I would have to mow the lawn every now and then to keep the grass short and make it look nice, but it will be worth it. I don’t need anything fancy in the front yard though, since I think a clean looking yard looks better anyways.

Upon the front door of the house, I’d enjoy having a porch with a bench on it. A decently sized house to me is two stories, and that’s how I’d like my house to be. I want to have a staircase near the foyer. My dream house would consist of a nice kitchen and living room. I’d have all the kitchen essentials, such as a microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and sink. Having a bar table near the counters would be a nice touch as well. I’d like to have the kitchen and the living room connected in a way, where there is no wall separating the two rooms. Near the kitchen, I would put a few pantries for food and snacks. In the living room I’d put a large flat screen on the wall. In front of the flat screen, I’d put a sofa and a love seat. Finishing off the living room, I’d have a coffee table in front of the sofa and install a fireplace under the flat screen T.V. Moving on to the next area of the house is the dining room. My ideal dining room would have about six to eight chairs for people and a large table to eat off of. Another room I would really like to have is an office for myself. Inside the office I’d have to put a laptop or desktop to do work on. I’d also have a bookshelf to keep valuable items on. The final thing I would want to include in the first floor of my house is a bathroom and a laundry room. In the bathroom I would want to have a shower, sink, and toilet. I would also have to put all the essential items for a bathroom inside. For the laundry room, I would install a washing and drying machine.

Now finished with my idea for the first floor, it’s time to get onto the second floor. I plan on having two bathrooms upstairs. One in the hallway, and one in the master bedroom. My master bedroom would have a large bed, with another T.V. in front of it. I’d put a few dressers along the walls of my room too. Connected to the bedroom, I would have a bathroom, just for that room. Inside I would have a shower and a bathtub, along with a toilet and sink. My next room will be used as man cave for recreational use. Up in this room, I will add in a mini fridge. I think I will include another couch with T.V. and have a video game console plugged into it. These are not the only rooms I plan on having on the second floor. I think I will have one extra room for storage, or to use as another bedroom.

Now, to the backyard of my house. I hope I will be able to afford a pool to put into my backyard. I want to also put a patio on the back porch. I will have to mow this lawn to keep it clean and nice as well. That is all for the backyard of my house I can think about adding right now.

These are my ideas for my perfect dream house I can think of. I hope I will be able to achieve this goal by including all the things I talked about in my future house.

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