My Dream House by Liberty Long

Liberty Long, Writer

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Ever imagine your house that you’ll live in when you are older? I haven’t, but I am going to share what I think and want my future house to be like.

When I think of my dream house, I think of it being in Seattle, Washington. It will be two-story house. The floor will be made of Catalina grey wood. The walls will be white. When you walk through the door, you face a giant window. My house will be on a mountain, so looking through the window, you’ll get an interesting view. The room you walk into from the door is huge. There will be a couch, with its back facing the window. The couch will be more to the left of your view. To the right side you’ll see my kitchen. The counters will be made of marble, the floor is the same as the rest of the house, Catalina grey wood. On the side of the refrigerator, which is on the end of all the cabinets, will be a door to my garage. The garage is enough to store two cars, plus some boxes filled with things I don’t know where to put. There is a bathroom with just a sink and toilet by the stairs. In front of the couch is a wall, a TV is hung on the wall, but right by the TV are my stairs. The stairs will be Galv full compliance stairs.

Up the stairs, all of upstairs will have the same flooring as the downstairs. When you first walk upstairs, you’ll walk into a decently sized room. That room will be my mini movie theater. It will have a popcorn machine and a mini fridge with drinks and food. While standing at the top of the stairs if you walk forward you go into my room. My room will big, but not as big as the living room, but bigger then the mini “Movie Theater”. In the center of the wall you face will be my bed, with one window on each side of the backboard of my bed. Next to my bed I have two bedside tables. The bedside tables are a dark brown wood, matching with my bed frame and backboard. I will have a TV on the wall my bed is facing. It will be hanging up on the wall. Looking to the left of my room from the door, you’ll see in one corner a desk, with a laptop, notebooks, pens, pencils, and a chair. In the other corner of that wall, a little circular rug, with a beanbag on the rug. A lamp will be placed next to the beanbag. The wall along the stairs, you’ll see two doors. The first one you walk by is the bathroom. The second door is a closet. Inside the closet will be towels. The bathrooms flooring is the only floor that is different from the rest of the house. The bathroom has two sinks, next to each other. The shower is on the far left. And the sinks on the right of the door, with a mirror in behind the sinks. Behind the couch in the mini “movie theater” is another door. It is to the left of the stairs. That bedroom will be the guest room, if I end up having a kid, then it will become the child’s room. It will have just a full sized bed and a TV that will sit on top of a dresser. The front yard will be a boring basic front yard. And that is my dream house.

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