Dream Home by Rachel Beck

rachel beck, dream home

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In 2025, I will have a stable job to own a good house to have a family. I want to aim for marriage with kids, I don’t want my house to0 big, but I would like it to have 5/6 rooms– 1 each for my kid, one for me and 2 extras for family to visit me in. I want to have a nice backyard for my kids to have friends come over and just chill, I want a pool with a trampoline. For the inside, as soon as you walk in you will see straight through to the back yard, you will walk in and see two living rooms on both sides each with the same things but different color things, you will keep walking and see a big staircase that will be built out of wood, you will soon see the kitchen and dining room the kitchen will have a bar and a marble counter, and a school station for the kids to do homework at in the dining room there will be a table for family dinner Monday-Friday, but for the weekends the kids will have plans or just eat in the living room or their rooms, there are windows all over looking out to the back yard also glass doors.

The stairs will have 10 steps, you will walk up them and see the big play room with a pool table, master TV, couches, game machines for the kids and their friends, the kids room with be themed to whatever they like with will not have a tv in their rooms, they will have iPads with limits on school days, they each will have a walk in closet, with a bed and desk and a Bing bag for the kids to sit and read, right next to the kids door they will have a chore list for their freedom over the weekend to go outside or to have someone over, you walk out and head to the extra rooms they will look the same with a bed and a desk and a closet for their stuff, the master bedroom will have its own bath room, 2 walk in closets, a tv, and a bed it will have 4 windows, the bathroom will be located in between the kids room 1 for the guest and 1 for the kids and one down stairs for more guest.

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