Dream House by Dominick Turner

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If I had enough money to move into any house on the market, I would make sure it was a modern house that had an indoor hockey rink, a gym, a hockey man cave, and the house would be made of quartz. It would be full of Washington Capitals hockey decorations. It would also have two Ferrari 430’s with liberty walk kits, one for me and one for my girl, a Nissan S14 drift build, and a Suzuki GXR750. That would be the best dream home I could ever ask for.

If I could get any house in the world I would want it to be in either Minnesota or Texas and have it full of hockey decorations and old pro equipment. The reason I want a house full of hockey is because I play ice hockey and I love it. I would also make sure the house had 3 stories. On the first story there will be an indoor ice rink to practice on. There will also be a 6 car garage that will have room for new cars or dirt bikes.

My Modern House would also have a man cave in my backyard and it would be made of old hockey sticks. The bar would be made of a hockey net and it would have a menu so you could invite friends over to hang out and play hockey. I would also have two dogs, one pit bull, and one Alaskan malamute. The house would be red white and blue, since this is America and it’s the Washington capitals’ colors.

My dream house would have tons of fun things to do, but the greatest thing it would have is an F-5 personal demilitarized jet. I would be retired from the United States Air Force at the time. I love jets so I might as well have one. I would also have a huge pond in the backyard with a jet ski and a speedboat. My dream house would be a resort you could live in.

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