Don’t Bite by Taniya Love

Taniya Love

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There’s a reason why your parents tell you not to bite others. I’m warning you don’t do it.

In south Alabama, the children like to run around and wreak havoc on all the people. For some odd reason they like to bite people as well. One kid, Ali, went through a memorable experience that all have told legends about.

It started on a sunny, hot, day, Alabama day. All the kids were sweaty and dehydrated. Ali was waiting for her friends to arrive so she could go to the pool. She waited and waited till an unfamiliar boy her age came around. At this point she was ready to go home, but she had an odd feeling to stay.

As the boy started to approach her, she asked, “What’s your name?”

He quietly muttered, “Baxton.”

“Baxton, huh what an odd name,” she replied.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here for you…..” he stuttered again.

They both just sat there and looked into the sky. Ali’s stomach kept growling, over and over. She was so hungry but she stayed outside to watch that weird by. Over time she just got hungrier and hungrier. She couldn’t leave this boy. She had devious thought… to bite. It’s like she was under a spell. Ali couldn’t hold back anymore. And thus she went for it, she bit him.

Suddenly he disappeared into thin air and above Ali was a bat. She was confused and started to feel funny. She looked around. Her legs were small, and her arms were wings. She was a bat too!  The bat boy stated “Your parents always said not to bite others. So why bite me. Once bitten, the other must suffer the consequences. You can turn back once you’ve learned your lesson. Good luck” and the boy disappeared into thin air.

Ali and all the other Alabama kids never bit anyone again.

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