Kangaroo Rat Saves the Desert Kind of… by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

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It was a hot, dry summer day in a desert in Egypt. Egyptians roaming the sand on their camels. They haven’t had water for a week now and they are very dehydrated.

All of a sudden a small, furry kangaroo rat pops out of the ground to talk to a nearby person. “Sir! Do you know where I can find some water around here?” the rat says in a southern accent even though we are in the desert…weird.

“U-U-Ummm no I d-d-don’t. W-W-We haven’t had water in a week.” the young man answered with a look of disbelief on his face. The kangaroo rat is stumped he doesn’t know how he’s going to get water and he’s getting really parched.

He decided he wasn’t going to find water by just walking around the town five times. So he started a journey to find water in California or something. As he’s heading to the airport to go to L.A. a strange cloud of smoke appears. This startles the little rat so he starts sprinting. The figure catches up to him and blocks his path. “Why the rush!” an older man that sounds a little like Santa Claus chuckles. “How rude of me not to introduce myself. Hello I’m Gigi the Wizard!”

“I’m sorry but I really don’t have time to chat I have to get water for my town!” the rat slowly backs up from the wizard

“Well I do have something that could fix your issue but since you’re in a hurry I will be on my way.” Gigi says in a sly manner.

“I’m intrigued…” the rat stops for a moment.

“Well I have this orb that can pretty much make a whole ocean if you wanted but-“ before Gigi could finish his sentence the rat snatches the orb from his hand and started digging a tunnel underground so Gigi couldn’t reach him. The kangaroo rat was dashing so fast he dropped the orb without realizing.

He finally reaches the town and he hears people cheering in the distant. He freezes as he sees the big body of water then he realizes he dropped the orb. He took about ten minutes to connect the dots but he finally realizes that he saved the desert kind of.

People gather around the water and sip every last drop till it’s gone. The kangaroo rat and Gigi partner up every year to bring water to the desert of Kentucky and the people don’t seem to care at all. So that’s their life and they seem to enjoy every last bit of it.

The End.

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