Legends of Daniel the Giraffe by Kadence Butte

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And the princess was saved, and all of the monkeys died. Daniel had do it who would have thought.

Oh I’m sorry, if you were confused about the first part here’s a recap. Once upon a time in a little town right outside of where London is today, lived Daniel the famous giraffe. Daniel was only famous for his long neck that reached the clouds and to be the only giraffe to have a tooth gap. Daniel lived a couple miles from the kingdom where the princess set up a little home. It was the first day of spring and Daniel thought it would it be nice to walk into town. While Daniel was walking he saw the flowers were starting to bloom.

He finally arrived in the town when he saw the princess running up to him. Daniel bowed his head down. The princess was the first to speak and said, “Daniel it’s so great to see you, it feels like ages.” Daniel replied back with, “Yes it has princess, also is anything interesting happening today.” She looked unsure, but replied with, “Not that I know of, but I could ask father” Daniel would be so happy because he has been very bored these past couple of weeks.

A couple hours later the princess came back saying there’s a trial going on in the ally at noon. Daniel knew that wasn’t exciting, but it was something. It was around noon when Daniel heard a horrible scream. He knew it was the princess, and ran as fast as he could. When he got to the ally it was a horrible sight. There was blood everywhere, and when he looked up and saw the one myth he thought was never true. It was the flying monkeys from the South Kingdom. No one dares to the South Kingdom because of the terrible things that lie there. Daniel knew he had to help so with his long neck he bit the monkey’s tails and threw them on the ground so hard they died on impact.

Daniel couldn’t find the princess anywhere. Then he looked up to see the princess on the highest tower with ropes behind her back, and tape on her mouth. Daniel ran as fast as he could, and when he reached the tower he tried to grab her but she was up to far. He knew she had to trust him so he asked her to move very slowly to his neck. He could tell she was scared, but he had to save her. She was so close he just had to reach a little bit farther.

Now I hope this was an interesting story. I wonder what we learned was it choices always have bad or good consequences.

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