The Crab and the Beach by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

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There was a beautiful beach next to the large city. The city had a bad habit of dumping waste into the beach. However, one day that changed. A large crab told the people of the city he would get rid of all of the waste, and the city people were delighted. He gave the people one condition to his service, that no more trash and pollutants be spilled in or near the beach. The people agreed and the crab went back into the water. A few months went by and the beach was filled with waste and the people called for the crab, and he came back. The crab wasn’t very happy, but he agreed to clear the waste as long as the people agreed to stop polluting it once more. Another few months went by and the beach was yet again polluted. The city people called for the crab and once more he came back.    “This is the last straw, take care of your water. “ The crab said becoming a little annoyed. The people of the city tried their best to contain the waste, but it was no use. Five months later the beach was completely unsafe for human contact. It was complete misery for human and animal life living near the beach.

The people tried calling the crab again, but this time he didn’t return. “What are we going to do?” one lady asked.

“I don’t know, but these conditions are completely unsafe for any human,” another man cried.

“He will come back,” the mayor said.

“Don’t you get it? We’re done, cut off. Nobody will help us,” a tall business man said. They went on and the mayor began to lose hope for his city. Many families protested or evacuated the whole area. The mayor didn’t though, as he believed the crab would come back. He started a campaign to save his beach, which he tried his best to get as much attention and supporters as possible. Later that night he went to the beach itself, with a protective suit and cried out to the ocean, “Please crab! We need your help. We will not mess up again!”

It took a few minutes, but he then saw the crab return. The crab looked pretty upset, but he agreed to clear the ocean once more. “This is the last, last time.” The crab told him, “Whatever problems you get into in the future, you must resolve yourself.” The mayor said he understood and was joyful. The citizens of the city returned and they were amazed to see what has happened. Years went by without pollution and the crab would come back to check on the city, even though he said he wouldn’t help around anymore. The people of the city learned their lesson about dumping pollutants in the water and vowed to never do it again. To this day their beach is the only place that hasn’t had any pollution issues in thirty years.

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