The Legend Japuxfred: The Magical Penguin by Drew Colen Jr.

Drew Colen Jr.

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The origin of Japuxfred the penguin starts in 1942 in the middle of World War II. There was a big dog fight over Antarctica. An African American pilot George Johnson was in this war fighting because he had nothing better do. So, as he was flying around crazy dodging bullets shooting down Nazi and Japanese, he noticed there was a penguin migration happening right under them, but he paid it little attention. But then as he looked down to see the penguin again, he noticed a rather small penguin compared to the other but there was something off about that penguin, but then out of nowhere he saw a Kamikaze plane flying straight for him. BAM! His body fell out of the plane falling motion less into the ocean but then a narwhale saved him and put him on the cold ice floor.  

When he woke up it was night time.  He knew he needed to find a cave so he could hide from the vicious land whales who come out to eat polar bears.  He walked around ducking and hiding behind rocks hoping the vicious land whales didn’t spot him. After about another ten min he finally found a cave and as he walked in there, he noticed his wife there laying down. 

“Jenifer, what are you doing here?” he asked, “ You should be home with the kids.” 

“I don’t know I woke up in this cave after I got a phone call saying you crashed, and they couldn’t find your body.” she said with a tearful. 

They sat down and talked about what he missed while he was at war. She said she was afraid he was going to cheat on her when he was away, but he said he didn’t, knowing he was lying. She was still tired, so she went back to sleep. As she slept, he waited for about an hour and then went out for a walk when he heard a lady call his name. 

He recognized her voice; it was the women he cheated on with his wife he was excited but also nervous to see here but as he got closer, he noticed his wife was with her. But something else was with them it was the penguin that caused him to crash. That’s when he blacked out. 

He woke up surrounded by all three of them. His wife told him she knew he was cheating on him because the lady he cheated with was her friend and a man. He was upset but not that worried until the Magical penguin Japuxfred spoke. 

 “George Johnson, you have been infected with a deadly disease Ganamitia for the rest of your life due to the fact you cheated on your wife,” he said, “And there is no way of getting rid of it.” 

Then at the Magical Japuxfred back handed him in the face and George was back with his old pilot buddies. He told them about Japuxfred and how he gave him ganamitia and how he’ll die in a few days if he doesn’t apologize to his wife. The next day he flew back to his wife’s house to apologize to only find his wife in the front lawn burning his stuff and cursing him out. He then felt a sharp pain near his lower abdomen and died on the porch. 

Now in present times Japuxfred wanders through America finding cheaters and giving them ganamitia. Now the leading cause of death is ganamitia and can’t be cured. So, it’s smart not to cheat or you’ll be next. 

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