The Legend of Shrek by Jackson Bates

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There once was a kingdom called Duloc. It was a wonderful kingdom ruled by Lord Farquaad. Duloc wasn’t the perfect place however, the kingdom didn’t have a queen which upset Lord Farquaad. To keep his mind off his loneliness, he decided to expand his Kingdom. He started expanding his kingdom into the swamp. Everything was going good until they discovered a house in the swamp. The workers had heard noises from the house and were too frighten to go in. They decided to round of a group of guards to enter the house. “On my mark,” said the leader of the guards. “One, two three!” All the guards burst through the door and were all horrified by a horrible sight. An ugly green ogre was sitting at a table eating onion soup. The hideous ogre turned around. “Oh hello there,” said the ogre. The leader was about to lead his men to charge the ogre but realized that all of the guards had ran away. “I think this is the part where you run away,” said the ogre. The leader ran away screaming in fear. The workers came to the house to investigate. They looked at the ogre with fearful eyes. “Who are you?” inquired one of the workers.

“I’m Shrek and what are you doing in my swamp!” yelled Shrek.

Everyone ran away to Duloc and no one dared go back to the swamp. When Lord Farquaad heard the news he was furious. He wanted to get revenge on Shrek so he decided to round up all the fairytale creatures and send them to the swamp. That will show Shrek to not mess with Duloc he thought.

While rounding up all the fairytale creatures, some knights found a magic mirror which told showed them single ladies in their area. The knights immediately brought the mirror to Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad was very impressed with the mirror. “Magic Mirror on the wall,” he said. “Show me single princesses in my area.” The mirror showed him three princesses. The first one was Snow White. The mirror told him about how she lived with seven other men and how an evil queen cursed her. Commitment issues thought Lord Farquaad. “Show me the next princess,” he said. The mirror showed him Sleeping Beauty. The mirror was starting to tell him about the princess but Lord Farquaad interrupted him. “Next!” said Lord Farquaad. The mirror was confused but did what he asked. “Princess Fiona,” said the mirror. He showed him a princess with ginger hair and a green dress.

“She’s perfect,” said Lord Farquaad.

“Yes but she,” was all the mirror could say before Lord Farquaad said,

“Silence! Guards I want a tournament to see which of my knights will find my bride.”

“Yes sir,” said the guards.

It was the day of the tournament. Lord Farquaad was giving his speech before the start of it. He was just about to start it when suddenly an ugly ogre walked into the stadium. The audience groaned in disgust. “What is that hideous thing?” said Lord Farquaad.

“That’s not nice he’s just a donkey,” said Shrek referring to the donkey that was next to him.

“Kill them!” yelled Lord Farquaad.

He thought this would be easy for his men but he watched in horror as men were brutally beaten.

“Is that all you got?” asked Shrek.

“What do you want?” asked Lord Farquaad angrily.

“I want my swamp and all those fairytale buffoons out!”

The Lord responded, “Fine, but you must rescue Princess Fiona and then you may have the deed for the swamp.”


Shrek left Duloc with Donkey while Lord Farquaad waited anxiously for word from Shrek. Finally, Shrek came back to Duloc with Princess Fiona. She was just as beautiful as Lord Farquaad dreamed.

“We must prepare for our wedding,” he announced. As they prepared for their wedding, a sad and broken Shrek walked away.

It was the day of the wedding and everyone was excited. Everything was going according to plan until the Priest said, “Does anyone object?”

“I do!” announced Shrek. “Fiona I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Fiona. Everyone gasped.

“Guards! Seize them!” yelled Lord Farquaad. Before the guards could do anything, a dragon burst through the window and ate Lord Farquaad. The citizens were shocked and ran away. The guards were all burnt to ashes and the chapel burned down to the ground. As Shrek and Fiona left the chapel they had a tender smooch. They went on to rule the kingdom of Far Far Away and left Duloc in ruins. The only thing left of Duloc was the Lord’s Crown.

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