The Mythical Story of the Rabbido by Jamal Thomas


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 About a thousand years ago, a mythical creature called a Rabbido was created in a town called the Woodsville. The town was unfortunately going through a huge drought that caused more than half of the water source to be wasted or scarce. An old Asian man named Akia was going to this place called a “Wish Upon Tower.He wanted to wish for an ancient animal called the “Rabbido,” half man half rabbit that can create water for many generations. After he did the ritual, out of nowhere a bolt of lightning struck the man on that day in 1982, transforming him into the Rabbido. His height went from six foot even to a shocking four foot eleven. After the years, the Rabbido became stronger and faster and started to walk on two feet instead of four and he became much taller. Currently in the year 2015 he is six foot ten and is pure muscle. His fur changes color every five or ten years. The town we once knew as the Woodsville is now called OryctolagusVille. The Oryctolagus is a part of the Latin word for a rabbit since the Rabbido is half man half rabbit they put half of his Latin name and made it their town’s new proud name since the rabbit has done so much for them. Ten years fast forward and the Rabbido has aged so much that he is back on all fours. Some of his fur is   turning white and he can’t produce as much water as he could in the past. 

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