The Legend Japuxfred: The Magical Penguin by Drew Colen Jr.

Drew Colen Jr.

June 6, 2019

The origin of Japuxfred the penguin starts in 1942 in the middle of World War II. There was a big dog fight over Antarctica. An African American pilot George Johnson was in this war fighting because he had nothing better do. S...

The Legend of Shrek by Jackson Bates

June 6, 2019

There once was a kingdom called Duloc. It was a wonderful kingdom ruled by Lord Farquaad. Duloc wasn’t the perfect place however, the kingdom didn’t have a queen which upset Lord Farquaad. To keep his mind off his loneliness,...

The Mythical Story of the Rabbido by Jamal Thomas


June 6, 2019

 About a thousand years ago, a mythical creature called a Rabbido was created in a town called the Woodsville. The town was unfortunately going through a huge drought that caused more than half of the water source to be wasted or s...

My Mysterious Animal, by Rosalyn Buljat

June 6, 2019

Do you ever know what is creeping at night. Well in one town there is a small animal and it is a rat mixed with a dog and a cat. It creeps around neighborhoods for children and it is very quiet. No one hears it; everyone closes...

Don’t Bite by Taniya Love

Taniya Love

June 6, 2019

There’s a reason why your parents tell you not to bite others. I’m warning you don’t do it. In south Alabama, the children like to run around and wreak havoc on all the people. For some odd reason they like to bite people...

Mambo the Money Bringer by Matthew Swanenburg

Matthew Swanenburg, Author

June 6, 2019

Long ago, in the time of the 1930’s, there was a Great Depression in America. For a decade, Americans lived in poverty, until Theodore Roosevelt, who was the U.S. president at the time, solved it. For decades, Americans have...

Kangaroo Rat Saves the Desert Kind of… by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

June 6, 2019

It was a hot, dry summer day in a desert in Egypt. Egyptians roaming the sand on their camels. They haven’t had water for a week now and they are very dehydrated. All of a sudden a small, furry kangaroo rat pops out of the...

Legends of Daniel the Giraffe by Kadence Butte

June 6, 2019

And the princess was saved, and all of the monkeys died. Daniel had do it who would have thought. Oh I’m sorry, if you were confused about the first part here’s a recap. Once upon a time in a little town right outside of...

The Raincloud Fish by Liberty Long

Liberty Long, Writer

June 6, 2019

At One point in time, it never rained. To get water people would have to walk miles to find streams, rivers, ponds, or lakes for water. Once that source of water ran out, they would have to walk around to find a new one. One...

The Legend of the Cobra by Jack Cashwell

June 6, 2019

Long ago in the Sahara, there lived a serene village of farmers. They lived in peace, raising livestock and farming the Sahara’s fertile soil. The Sahara had the highest quality land for growing in the world, and anyone who...

The Crab and the Beach by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

June 6, 2019

There was a beautiful beach next to the large city. The city had a bad habit of dumping waste into the beach. However, one day that changed. A large crab told the people of the city he would get rid of all of the waste, and the...

The Clear Lizard by Makayla Wilson

June 6, 2019

The Chamorro people of Guam have many different legends. Guam is the largest island in Marianas it is home to many different wild animals. One in particular is the gecko that has bright green scaly skin. Along time ago the...

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