The Wonderful Courtyard by Jamal Thomas

Jamal Thomas, Writer

June 6, 2019

The Tabb court yard is in the middle of Tabb middle school. The only way to enter the courtyard is from inside the art room. Its outside the newspaper class room and surrounded by classrooms with windows. It’s approximately 50 feet ...

Our Courtyard in Tabb Middle by Kendall Hay


June 6, 2019

At our school, from front to back. A place that is surrounded by windows, shinning its pretty colors creating a sense of actual life. You just want to gaze at it for hours. In Tabb middle our courtyard is shaped like a rectangular...

Courtyard by Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah Wiley, Typer

June 6, 2019

The courtyard is in the middle of TMS. There is only one way to get there and that is through the art room door. It is surrounded by classes and windows. Whenever you want to see the courtyard you can just look out the window. ...

Tabb Middle School Courtyard by JT Pelofske

JT Pelofske, Writer

June 6, 2019

Past the doors of the Tabb Middle School is a place untouched by students. The courtyard is a world in its own. The beautiful green plants and deep pond full of fish. The courtyard isn’t just a place, it’s a vision. A vision ...

TMS Courtyard by Jack Cashwell

June 6, 2019

Outside of Tabb Middle School’s art room, there is a lush green courtyard. It is rectangular and is slightly larger than a classroom, so as to make space for all of the wildlife and vegetation residing there. It provides a habitat...

Our Lovely Courtyard By Jackson Bates

June 6, 2019

At Tabb Middle School, we have many things. One thing we have is a courtyard. It’s a green environment and home for many animals. To get to the courtyard you have to go through the art room and then through two doors. It is...

TMS courtyard by Rosalyn Buljat

June 6, 2019

     My Newspaper class and I walked to the classroom that was right beside my class room. We walked in through the art classroom. As we were walking through the art room, I saw the courtyard.       On the left side of the ...

TMS Courtyard By Kadence Butte

June 6, 2019

Picture this: you’re walking through the art room when you see this door. You are very curious and push it open to see this green wonderland. You want to know what you found. It’s the TMS courtyard. It’s about 50 ft. wide...

TMS Courtyard by Liberty Long

Liberty Long, Writer

June 6, 2019

At Tabb Middle School, many classes get the great view of our courtyard through their windows. The courtyard helps students with relaxation and inspiration. It is a very peaceful environment. It is about 50x100ft wide, in a rectangular...

Tabb Middle Courtyard by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

May 29, 2019

The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is full of plants and animals. Even though we don’t get to go out there often, we admire it from our classrooms every day. It is really the heart of our school. When you first exit the Art...

The Courtyard by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

May 29, 2019

The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is in the middle of many rooms, which a lot of classrooms have the pleasure of looking through. There is only one entrance and exit, through the art room. From a classroom perspective, the courtyard...

Courtyard – Tabb Middle School

Skylar McCauley, Journalist

May 29, 2019

          The Tabb Middle School Courtyard, a place for relaxation and comfort; for some, inspiration. The courtyard is about 500ft2 and surrounded by classrooms. What awaits is nothing short of marvelous.        ...

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