Unfolding of the Orlando Shootings

Faith Mazzuchi, News Reporter

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On June 5th, 2017, John Robert Neuman shot and killed five of his co-workers and himself at Fiamma Inc. He had a job at a local RV business and was later fired in April. The company makes accessories for recreational vehicles. After he was fired from the company, he found a new job at Fiamma Inc. Things were going well until he had the urge to go on a rampage where he killed five victims. All of the people he killed were former co-workers. His former co-workers included Robert Snyder, 69; Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44; Kevin Clark, 53; Kevin Lawson, 46; and Jeffrey Roberts, 57. He walked into the business Monday morning and pointed his gun at a new, temporary employee and told her to leave, Demings said.  He pinpointed every single victim. On the scene at Fiamma Inc. there was a call placed at 8:03 in the morning to 911. Two minutes later police arrived on the scene. When spectators arrived at the scene they saw four bodies, three of which were men and one of which was a woman. One of the male victims died at Orlando Regional Medical Center. John Neuman was also found at the scene shot and killed. He had placed the gun to himself and fired. Eight people were still left inside the building untouched. “A woman said that Neumann told her to leave and was giving very detailed information on his plan for his co-workers,” Demings said. CNN said that police had responded to a battery complaint against Neumann at Fiamma in 2014. He was also a former Army veteran who was discharged in 1999.

This event is so tragic because this happened on June 5th, 2017 which would mark a week from the Orlando Nightclub shooting. People are still trying to recover from last year but also have to recover from this event as well.

Margaret, which is my moms friend, went to Orlando, Florida for vacation with expectations that nothing bad will happen. When she got there all was good. One day she was driving somewhere, when she saw a building blocked off with police and caution tape everywhere. She saw the bodies being put into the ambulance, but passed too quickly to pick up broad details. When she went back to her hotel room she turned on the news and saw a murder/suicide story and watched it. On the news was the exact place she had passed and saw the body and the scene. She quickly turned off the TV and just sat there. Margret was very shocked and surprised on what she saw and witnessed.

On May 30th, 2017 at the Orlando International Airport, there was a two hour standoff for a suspect for having a weapon. The weapon he was using was later found out to be fake. The supposed gun was pointed near the rental car area. There were no shots fired nor injuries. When police arrived at the scene the person was in mental distress. During the incident, a crisis negotiator talked to the man, who was pointing a gun at officers and asking them to shoot him, Mina said. The man identified as Michael Wayne Pettigrew who is a twenty six year old. Michael Wayne Pettigrew was a former Marine. “There is a guy out there with a gun. Take cover. He has a huge gun,” Hess said. Hess called 911 but a call was already placed for this incident. Hess and another customer rushed to the nearest garage and hid behind concrete beams.  They remained there for several minutes before employees told them the suspect was surrounded.

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Unfolding of the Orlando Shootings