Car Accident Led to Survival by Colin Engler

Colin Engler, Contributor

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Last week, a man was involved in an accident, got lost in the swamp for two and a half days, waiting for rescue, and today I got to interview him. The accident took place in Tallahassee, Florida and per our agreement we are not at liberty to release the victim’s name for safety and privacy purposes. Before, we began the interview I had been told about his current condition.

“So what lead up to the crash what happened?” I asked “I lost control of my car and flipped over the road” he replied. “Will you be okay any long lasting effects?” “The doctors ran a few tests but all things considered I’m alright” I inquired “How did you survive all that time in the swamp without water?” Honestly, I don’t know after a while I just passed out, and when I awoke I was being flown out on the helicopter inbound for the hospital.

Then, I asked “What about your arm is it broken or sprained? “ “Umm… I don’t exactly know when I woke up I was in shock and they put me back under in order to keep me calm.” “So EMT’S informed me that you were severely dehydrated close to kidney failure how will you live life now knowing you were so close to death” I now live like every day might be my last, loving my family, completing my bucket list, and just living life. “I’m assuming your family has been contacted and you can get back to your normal life soon?” “Yes, my family was contacted but they couldn’t get to me in time, but I haven’t seen them yet but hopefully they will be waiting for me back at my home.

As a result of this accident, the victim will live a very different life now that he was so close to death and could be a lesson for us all life everyday like you will die tomorrow, and just enjoy your time on earth because we aren’t here forever we are just a ticking time bomb ready to blow when we kick the bucket. In order to make a long story short just live life to the fullest.

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Car Accident Led to Survival by Colin Engler