Florida Fire by Cole Hurd

Cole Hurd, Contributor

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Recently, in Florida, there has been a forest fire and authorities took action. From afar, it seemed that all was well in the Apalachicola National Forest in but, the closer you are, the more you understand the problem. On the western side of this 575,849 acre forest, near FL-65, there was some sort of disturbance. At first, I noticed the police officer surrounding the perimeter of the firefighters and helicopter. There was around four to five firefighters. The fire fighters were discussing something, I suppose about the person on the stretcher. Beside the person on the stretcher were three to four medics. Along with me, there were multiple news teams getting information. The red helicopter seems to be some sort of rescue helicopter. I wasn’t able to read the lettering on the side due to the door being open. Since the other news teams got here before me, I had grab the last remaining firefighter. He was rather tall, around 6’5”, in his mid-20’s, and was bald. He was wearing dark yellow pants with what seemed to be a gray t-shirt. I asked him what had happened.

“There’s a forest fire going on.” He replied. I asked if he knew what caused it and he explained that someone improperly disposed of a lit cigarette. Being worried about everyone’s wellbeing, I asked another question about if anyone was hurt. He responded with a face of relief saying that there were no injuries, people were just in shock. I then asked him who he is.

“I’m just a firefighter with his crew trying to put out the fire.” He proudly announced.

“Ok then.” At this point, the person on the rectangular stretcher was standing and was being interviewed himself, the police officer left to tend to another problem, and the helicopter pilot got out of the helicopter to be interviewed. I continue my interview with the man with another question asking the problems of him not being there. He grudgingly replied by stating that people could’ve gotten injured or killed. I then asked what the helicopter was for. He answered, while being very confused, that it was here to help with the rescue. He thought that it was somewhat obvious why the helicopter was there. After the questioning, another firefighter called his fellow firefighter and prepared them to go into the forest. If you have any information on who started the fire, contact the Florida authorities.

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Florida Fire by Cole Hurd