Helicopter by Alexis Dunlap

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This is not a true story…..

It was night time in San Diego, California a man was going to go get his 8 year old daughter from her elementary school science fair. It was kind of late, about 6:00 so everyone had already gotten off of work, and considering it was Monday all the traffic was long gone because everyone wanted to get home to their families. The man, Alex Davison, was in a bit of a hurry, his daughter’s science fair ends at 6:30 and it was already 6:25. He would never make it there in time especially with all the red lights stopping him and the one he was at had been red for about 4 minutes, it was 6:31 and he still had another 10 minutes to get to the school. There were no other cars, maybe if I ran this light he thought.

“NO” he said to himself “I can’t go back to jail”. He had already been once for being accused of assault and battery. He had been let out on bail and put on parole for 8 months but, one of the rules of his parole was he couldn’t get into any more trouble with the police. Even a speeding ticket could get him sent back to jail for a year. As Alex was finishing his thoughts the light finally turned green, He started driving and all the sudden a dark red mustang ran its red light and hit Alex’s car. The mustang didn’t even have its lights on so it was nearly impossible to see him coming, they were both in shock as they were getting out of their cars. Alex was furious he screamed and yelled at the man in the mustang, Jacob Aaron. Yet, even though Jacob knew the accident was all his fault he screamed back telling Alex it was his fault. They went back and forth for what seemed like hours, finally Jacob got tired of it and decided he would end the argument once and for all he grabbed the lighter from his pocket and threw it into Alex’s car.

“Within minutes the entire car was scorched”, Alex later told me. Jacob drove away and Alex just lay there in the street. All of the sudden he started to feel pain throughout his whole body. He had no cell phone so he walked to the nearest place with any people inside. He limped inside and asked for help. The people inside the restaurant called 911 but before the ambulance could arrive Alex saw Jacob walk in. He was all by himself and went to sit down in a booth. He looked at the menu ordered, went to the restroom, and then he left.

”It was very odd because he was only there for about 15 minutes then left, he got no drink and no food”, Alex told me. “Soon after Jacob left I started to smell smoke, Alex told reporters,” at first I thought I was just my nose playing tricks on me because I had smelled smoke earlier from when my car was on fire, then other people started to smell it too. By the time was realized what happened it was way too late, when Jacob had went to the bathroom he set a fire in there. The entire building was up in flames I don’t remember a lot from that moment, he told the reporter. He woke up in a hospital helicopter all he could hear were police sirens, firetrucks, and he could see the bright red and blue lights, I tried speaking but the paramedics told me not to and, I tried staying awake but that was impossible so I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up again I was in an immense amount of pain, I asked Alex what surgeries or procedures had to be done on him, he answered telling me that when the doctor came in he told me I had 2 broken ribs, a broken ankle dislocated left wrist and right shoulder. As for Jacob Aaron he was caught in New Mexico trying to get away from San Diego and was put in jail.

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Helicopter by Alexis Dunlap