Matthews Mission by Lena Shandor

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Recently, one of our most behaviorally challenged citizens, John Mathews, escaped from Richmond Community Hospital Behavioral health. After he escaped, police say he was spotted wearing a purple hat running out of a clearing in the woods by Interstate 64. He had violently attacked a woman who was jogging on a trail. The Richmond Fire and Rescue team had to come to her for immediate care. Today, we had the privilege of interviewing one of the firefighters who is part of this search mission.

Chief Emma Lugo, a 45-year-old female firefighter with a rectangular shaped badge, has agreed to answer a few questions regarding the mission. As we sat down together, the chief ran her hands through her short blond hair. “What exactly is the mission?” I asked. “Well that is as interesting question.” Said the chief.

She began to tell me why she was nervous about the Matthews Mission. “There are woods surrounding this area.” Lugo remarked, “We have a lot of ground to cover and the trees are obstacles” She then described Matthews, “Middle aged male, known for sudden emotional outbursts.” After running away from Richmond Community Hospital Behavioral health, Mathews immediately had an outburst. As mentioned earlier, he attacked a woman who was jogging. When asked about the woman, Chief thought for a moment, and then replied, “I cannot give further information, however, she is seriously injured.” According to the Fire and Rescue Department, it is believed Matthews fled to Georgia. Chief Lugo told me that she thinks John Matthews has a friends waiting for him. “As of today, we are doing everything we can to find him so nobody else gets hurt.”

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Matthews Mission by Lena Shandor