The Missing Girl by Emma Lugo

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On March 9, 2018 a fourteen year old girl that goes to Phoebus Middle School who is also the happy daughter of Sarah Wilson, has sadly gone missing. HNC news (Hitzeman news class) is bringing you the top story of the day. We sat down with Mrs. Wilson and asked a few questions about her daughter’s disappearance. Mrs. Wilson told the Hampton City Fire and rescue team that her sweet daughter Destiny was hanging around some shady people that night, she had come home a little late, but Mrs. Wilson thought she went to her room. But when she woke up, Destiny was nowhere to be found. Mrs. Wilson is worried that Destiny is gone forever. As we sat down together, her tears ran down her face, reflecting of her yellow shirt. I put my hand on her shoulder and tell her, “We will find her, be brave”.

I asked her, “Do you know if she took anything with her when she left?’’ Mrs. Wilson replied, ‘’ She took 200 dollars with her, out of my bedroom.” I began to tell her how I could never begin to think of being in her position as a mother. She believes the only way to get through this, is with the whole city helping. Mrs. Wilson said something that I would never forget when I was talking to her. She said, ‘’we are a whole lot stronger together as a city, than a just me alone.”

We walk to Phoebus Middle School to see if any of her friends or teachers know anything about the disappearance of Destiny Wilson. Mrs. Wilson grabbed my hand when we walk into the school, the long rectangular hallway is full of kids wearing blue and gold shirts for school pride. There is a Phoebus middle school shirt hanging up for Destiny when she comes back home. We talk to Destiny’s history class. “Her favorite teacher, Mr. Smith, has been Destiny’s history teacher for two years, and also an important male role in her life.” her mother told me. I asked Mr. Smith if he had seen anything unusual in Destiny’s behavior. He begins to say that she was not talking to all of her friends like she does any other day. I asked her if any things was wrong and she said no with a smile on her face. Mr. Smith asked me if she was really missing then Mrs. Wilson fell to the ground with tears. I reply to Mr. Smith’s question with a frown. “Yes she is missing, we have no idea of where she could be.” Mr. Smith goes down to the ground with Mrs. Wilson he tells her that things are going to be ok. ‘’We will find her, she will come back to us.” He said.

All of us walk back to the Wilsons house. She has Destiny’s door closed, she said it was too hard to look at her bed and her not sleeping in it tonight. I could tell the Mrs. Wilson had a hard day so I left Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Smith alone to have some time to cope.



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The Missing Girl by Emma Lugo