The Oyster Trail by Dakota Brown

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One week ago, two sisters went on a hiking trip in northern Washington State for some sisterly bonding. The trip was supposed to be fun but it did not go as planned.

It was as damp morning when two sisters went for a hike. They both have not seen each other in three years although they decided to go out and have some fun by hiking a five point three mile long trail called Oyster Dome Trail in Whidbey Island, Washington state for some sisterly bonding. This was a good idea at the time on the other hand this decision may be a fatal accident.

When the two sisters went hiking, the oldest Emily slipped on a circular rock, which caused an avalanche of gray rocks and a dark brown pile of mulch. Mostly the two sister were okay, although one of the sister was fine the other one was not with a cut on their thigh. Before they knew it, they were at the bottom. The nearest road was five point one miles away although the oldest had a phone it was on the top of the hill. They lost their bag of supplies during the fall.

The one sister Emily who had the gash on her thigh she was unable to move, but the younger sister Ella was able to move fine. She would have to make the five point one mile trip to the pacific North West trail to get to the visitor center to call for help. Ella does not want to leave her sister behind so she makes a heroic effort, picked up, and carried her the entire trip it took three days because she had to make sure that the gash was not being infected.

This heroic action will not be untold she saved her sisters life. Their parents were worried but now they know there daughters are safe from one week of being lost.

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The Oyster Trail by Dakota Brown