The Scene of an Accident by Joshua Lutz

Joshua Lutz, Contributer

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On an unusually humid morning on February 23, 2018, the quiet city of Adamsville was awoken when they heard the sounds of a fire engine. The red and blue lights were shining bright and the sirens blared loudly, but the residents knew that there was nothing to fear as the fire truck drove off the main road. A large branch had reportedly fallen on a small, brown cabin near the woods and had trapped six college students. There is evidence suggesting that it could have been on purpose, but according to residents of the city, there is very little violent crimes, and almost no fires. There have been no recorded rapes, murders, robberies, or arson in the last two years so it is very unlikely that this was a planned act of violence. There had been strong winds the night of the incident according to police. The wind had caused the branch to fall on the cabin, no one yet knows if there were any injuries. I drove to the scene and found that the cabin had been hit right down the middle. Then I saw fire fighters rushing out with two unconscious male students. There was one other male student and three females. The other four students were all limping out with the help of a fire fighter. After all of the students were put in the ambulance, I interviewed one of the fire fighters named Nolan James. Nolan is a five foot eleven, firefighter that has lived in Adamsville his whole life. He is 42 and is happily married with three teenage children. He is one of the 35 people with two or more different races.  I asked many questions about the incident. “It took us a long time to get here because this forest is in the middle of nowhere”, he claimed with a thick southern accent. “We’re at least six miles away from civilization. I don’t understand why these kids built their own cabin right here,” says Nolan. There was a helicopter at the scene and I had asked why a helicopter was here if it wasn’t going to do anything. “The helicopter was actually just patrolling the area and when we got the call telling us that there was a cabin that got hit by a branch, they were the first responders. Then eventually said that they needed more help because they didn’t have the equipment necessary to lift the branch,” replied Nolan. This particular forest was located off of airplane road where no one has ever lived, and there were few travelers. The forest is 590 acres and goes into another city, McNair County. I asked who called 911 and Nolan had responded simply by pointing to three women in jeans who were standing next to a truck. The truck had huge circular tires. After I finished interviewing Nolan, I went to the cabin and looked for evidence of anything that could suggest that this wasn’t an accident. I looked at the tree too but I found no evidence. Natural accidents can happen at any time. After seeing this, I won’t be camping for a while. The six students are all expected to have a speedy recovery.

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The Scene of an Accident by Joshua Lutz