The Tragic Plane Crash by Datrell James

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It all started on a sunny day in Seattle, Washington. When all of a sudden pilot Miguel Herrera called in to the command tower to inform them that flight 398 was going down. The police, fire fighters, and medics rushed to the area where the plane was going to crash. The airplane was heading right for Green Lake, one of the most popular lake and campsites in Seattle. Green like is 259 acres and is surrounded by a 2.8 mile path perfect for walking, bicycling, and roller-skating.

The plane crashed in to the lake injuring dozens. After the crash, we interviewed pilot Miguel Herrera. “Do you have any idea why the plane lose control?” his response was, “I turned around to tell the passengers that we will reach our destination in three hours and when I turned back there was a flock of birds coming right at the plane”. “What were you thinking when you realized the plane was going down.”

“The first thing I thought was to stir the plane in to the water so it doesn’t explode than I told my copilot to tell the passengers to prepare for impact. It was one of the scariest moments of my life but I knew I had to stay calm and don’t panic.” Miguel said. “Are you injure?” “I suffered a broken leg and a concussion. There were 20 injured passengers but nobody lost their life. A life lesson I learned is to never take your eyes away from the wheel.”


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The Tragic Plane Crash by Datrell James