Wildfire by Lindsy Hill

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Lieutenant Brenton was just one of the many firefighters fighting the wildfire in Umpqua National Forest. Just to the left is the Crater Lake Highway. It was Aguste 28th at 3:00 in the afternoon. When they just rescued a realtor from a burning cabin where he was camping. He has several burns and needs to be accompanied to the hospital as soon as possible. The fire was a deep crimson and orange color. Then Lieutenant Brenton went to the square shaped cabin. Afterward he helped the realtor into the rescue helicopter. Once the realtor was on the helicopter and on his way to the hospital. They went back to the house to see if they could salvage anything. While they were looking for anything to save he found files saying that the realtor was stealing money from his clients. Immediately Lieutenant Brenton showed the police and they hoped on another helicopter and went to the hospital the realtor was at and arrested him after he was out of surgery. The realtor was then taken back to North Carolina where he was put in jail. At the end of the day “I’m very proud of what I’m doing. I put out a lot of fires and saved someone.” Not everybody wants to save livers or do what I’m doing but I’m doing this because” My father was a fire fighter and my grandpa and they inspired me to save lives”.



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Wildfire by Lindsy Hill