Classroom Observations of Advanced Band by Makayla Wilson

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Observing a band classroom at Tabb Middle School was very unique. There was so many different instruments that people were playing. Some were the clarinet, flute, and the drums. I loved how everyone was working together to produce the song they were playing. They were learning a new song for the first time and it didn’t sound bad. It sounded like they had already learned that song.

Inside the classroom you have a lot of chairs, stands for their papers, instrument, and chords. The lesson for that day was to learn how to play twinkle toes level three, Mary had a lot of rest, and beyond the seven hills. Many of the students said that they enjoy band and it’s a lot of fun. They also don’t like to study the key/chords, but in the end it is worth it. The classroom I observed was advanced band, and they had a lot of experience.

I interviewed Sakura she plays the clarinet. Sakura is also on the Tabb basketball team and enjoys both band and basketball. She is entertained by the sound of the music, and is fond of it. “I want to continue for the rest of my time in school and join the marching band.” Sakura appreciates that she has the ability to join band and succeed in learning. Band has also been a part of her life for a while. She states, “I have been taking band since fifth grade, and love it.” I also interviewed Ryan, but he had less to say. I asked him if he thinks that band is thrilling he responded by saying, “Yeah sure.”

The students in Mrs. Van Rossum’s class seem like they have fun, and are delighting and curious in playing an instrument. Many want to exceed and improved while going from eighth grade into high school, and joining the marching band.

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