Forensic Science by Taniya Love

Taniya Love

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I observed Forensic Science class at TMS;the class was being taught by Ms. Buckley. Forensic science is a class that offers basic knowledge about the job, it can offer you a new look on that specific job. “It’s a very fun class to take”- Mason (7th grade participant).

The class is pretty big compared to the regular class rooms. It used to be a workshop like class so there is a room full of machines in the back. I like how there is a lot of natural sunlight, there are 7 wide windows that provide lots of sunlight. Ms. Buckley owns many inspiring posters that really help the students get used to a new environment. Her class also has lots of computers, as I have taken that class before I know that you work on the computers very often.

“I love this class, but we take lots of notes,” said Amber,  an 8th grade teen. Amber expresses how often they take notes but she also mentions that they have all open note quizzes and test. Having open note quizzes and test helps so much because there is a lot of stuff that you have to remember and using your notes make everything easy.” I love Ms. Buckley, she is an amazing teacher, and she even gives us Jolly Ranchers”- Brandon (8th grade student). Ms. Buckley is a very popular teacher. She is known for her kindness and her ability to teach. She teaches so that you can understand everything and makes the class seem much more entertaining.

I 10 out of 10 recommend to take Forensic Science, it’s a very educational and fun class. As you can see, by my various quotes, many students love that class. Not only is it interesting, the teacher is also a joy.

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