Interesting Facts about our School Library by Kadence Butte

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Did you know at our school library we don’t have to just find an interesting book? We can also catch up on school work, and make- up tests/quizzes. On Friday 15, 2019, I got the opportunity to go to the library to find out amazing things about it to share with you guys. The library is a very big place with of course many different kinds of books, like fiction, non- fiction, poetry, etc. They have nineteen computers in total. Eighteen tables in all, and a silent reading area that has twelve different chairs, with two tables in the middle with books all around it. It also has six stuffed tigers. It has two areas where you can check out books, also there are extra computers near the front of the library to see if the book you want is here. There are seven windows, most of them are large, and two clocks.

In English you go to the library every two weeks, and sometimes Ms. Diggs will give you a lesson on the different genres they have there. Example, when October comes she gives us a lesson on horror/suspense books, and gives us a few examples of books they have at the library. Also she tells us about the book fair, and shows us video clips about some of the books that will be there.

Having the opportunity to interview Ms. Diggs awesome . My first question was why she wanted to become a librarian? She said, “I love sharing books with kids, and getting them excited about books.” My second question was how she found out she wanted to work as a librarian? She said, “I was an elementary school teacher and my favorite subject was reading. So I went back to school and got a master’s degree in library science.” My next question was about how she the idea to make the Battle of the Books club. She said, “The Battle of the Books was already here, so I decided to keep it going.” My fourth question was what is her favorite genre? She said, “There are so many, but my main ones are realistic fiction because I like to read about stuff that could happen, also historical fiction, and horror/suspense.” My last question was what was her favorite book? She said, The Little Prince.

One of my 8th  grade peers named  Jackson had a lot of interesting things to say about the library. My first question was if he likes to go to the library. He said, “No, because I don’t read books.” I wondered what his favorite book was. He replied, “A Book about Joseph Stalin, because it got me into USSR history.” Even though he doesn’t  like to read what was his favorite place in the library. He said, “The silent reading area, even though I’m not always silent.” My last question was did he like Ms. Diggs. He said, “Yes, because she’s really nice.”

I had the opportunity to do this because I loved learning about Ms. Diggs nd my fellow peers. I also love learning about the different genres we have, and I want to thank Ms. Diggs and her assistant, Mrs. MacLachlan.

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