M.S.P by Jamal Thomas

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Musical stage productions is musical class elative. This class last for a whole two quarters or one semester. On 2/20/2019 I interview two of the students in Mr. Lusher class Daniel and Shelby. They gave information about, musical stage production first we started in the cafeteria where the stage is at. I proceeded to ask questions about the theme of the sound of arts musical that they were rehearsing. Most of the play is about after World War 1 and a family hires a new governess to put the town back into order. In the play Daniel is the father of the children; he is always busy, so he need assistants and he hired a new governess since his kids drove the others away.   

Then I went into the class room to give me an understanding of the class. Shelby told me about the part she plays is very important.  She is starting her new job as a governess, but she doesn’t know how to. so, she goes on adventures to figure out how to because it’s her first time working as a governess. 

Musical stage productions is a class where you act and there is a play once every month or two. If you study your lines and know you queue, then it’s an easy way to get some fundamental knowledge of musical stage productions.  

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