Mr. Howard’s Class by Elizabeth Dinh

Elizabeth Dinh

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I wanted to learn more about Forensic Science, so I decided to go to Mr. Howard’s class. Mr. Howard teaches Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. Abby and I went to his second block class to see what his class was learning. They were making shoe imprints. The students had to bring in a shoe box, and Mr. Howard supplied sand, gloves, and goggles.

While I was in his room, I noticed he had various posters about fingerprints, zombies, and safety. The students had a project that was due on February 22nd on vocabulary. When I was there, they reviewed a study guide and then most students read articles on the newspaper that were related to Forensic Science. The students that didn’t bring their shoe box in, made their shoe imprints instead of reading articles on the newspaper.

I asked a female seventh grader what they were learning in the class, “We’re making shoe imprints.” I noticed Mr. Howard was helping out his scholars with the sand, so I came up with a question, “Do you enjoy Mr. Howard’s teaching?” I asked curiously. “The activities we do in this class are fun, and he’s a funny teacher.” she replied. I was paying close attention to what they were doing because it seemed fun. First, they lay out the sand in the shoe box. Then, used a shovel to even out the sand. Last, they stepped on the even layer of sand.

I wasn’t only there to observe Mr. Howards class, I was there to learn something new too. I learned that we should take ten minutes of our day and go on the news so that we know what’s going on in the world right now. Watching the news at night with your parents isn’t necessary but CNN10 provides daily news for ten minutes. Though, I don’t watch the news, Mrs. McFadden puts on CNN10 during the first ten minutes of class. I don’t watch it daily but every other day is better than not watching the news at all.

For any rising seventh or eighth graders, I recommend this class to students that enjoy forensics and funny teachers. Some of the activities are very hands- on, and enjoyable for those of you that meet the qualifications of the prior sentence.

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