My interview with Austin by Drew Colen Jr.

Drew Colen Jr.

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On the dates of Feb 15, 2019, I observed and interview TMS basketball player Austin Robert.

Austin was in Ms. Marks P.E.’s class when I interviewed him. On this day they started off outside, it was surprisingly sunny and warm. Their class started off the class by running the mile. Austin was one of the first people to finish the mile. Once they finish they had free time on the black top where he and some of his other classmates played basketball. After the first half of class finished, his class went to the main gym to play a game similar to sharks and minnows but with noodles. At this time I started to interview him. I asked him what his family was like, how long has he lived here, what are his hobbies, and what his favorite subject is. He answered, “My family is really nice and caring. I have lived here all 14 years of my life. On my free time I like to play sports like Basketball and Soccer with my friends Jesse and Noah, and my favorite subject of course is P.E.” The interview was short due to the fact I only had 5 minutes to interview him, but I got what I needed.

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