Spanish 1 by Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah Wiley, Writer

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Recently I went to interview a couple of students and observe the lesson and class in a Spanish 1 class. Spanish is a school yearlong class at Tabb Middle. I interviewed Malcolm, James, and Angelina. Their classroom is filled with foreign literature and everything is Spanish. The lesson they were on were verbs and nouns I believe. They had their Spanish books out and were working. Malcolm said, “Spanish is a very hard subject if you don’t study.” They also said that there is homework every night. There are also approximately 5 quizzes per quarter and 3 tests per quarter. Like Malcolm said if you don’t study the class is hard. Studying in that class is the key to success. They also said they get nervous about upcoming tests. They said that their teacher was very nice and respectful. Some kids who already know Spanish take this class to get an easy A and to get some high school credits. Also, if you ae not doing well you can be dropped out of the class. This is my observations about a Spanish 1 class. 


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